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What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect From Us

  • At Aum Badrinath Dental & Physiotherapy Clinic  the practitioners are committed to provide excellent treatment services to its patients. It is positively reflected in the form of subsequent  referrals sent by our patients and from all over the country.
  • Our Physiotherapists' aim is to help the patient return to sport /dance/ job or desired functional level or activities of daily living prior to injury at the shortest possible time following a research based, scientific, comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.
  • We apply the similar approach for NORMAL , illness or injury free population or clients or persons who consult to  enhance performance, sports conditioning and health related fitness.
  • We highly encourage general public , Communities of all age groups to take up sport as a recreational activity. AUM Badrinath Dental & Physiotherapy Clinic plays a positive and professional role in this aspect.


Individual Treatment Sessions

  • BADRINATH PRATHI or The Physiotherapist treats one patient at any given time. We follow Exercise- based and  Hands-On  approach.
  • When indicated,Sports Taping  and Dry Needling are also applied . Initial stages of Rehabilitation may indicate Electrotherapeutic Management.


Comprehensive Assessment:

  • As the first step the success of treatment depends on the scientific Assessment. The Assessment is based upon Clinical Reasoning process.
  • It includes seeking details  about your Chief Complaint, Functional limitation etc trying to understand the Source of the symptoms / dysfunction , its Contributing Factors , recognizing Precautions, Indications and Contraindications to Physical Assessment & treatment like Severity, Irritability, Yellow Flags, Red Flags etc.
  • Observation &  Palpation (by  Touch) of involved structures and Examination of Posture, Movements, Structures for their functions and properties like Range, Strength, Specific Length are done.


Patient Specific & Condition Specific Intervention Plan:

  • The above Scientific Assessment allows to form an patient and condition specific hypothesis and Physiotherapy intervention (Management Plan).
  • It includes, treatment at clinic by Physiotherapist, Education of patient, designing a Home Programme and Strategies to prevent re-injury , aggravation of symptoms or pain / Do s & Don’t s to maintain the improvement achieved during treatment at Clinic.
  • When indicated, the aim of the Physiotherapy treatment plan is to cure your problem but not just treating the symptoms.


Hands-On Treatment  as part of Assessment:

  • When indicated,  Specific Exercise based and Hands-On Physiotherapy treatment is started in the first consultation. The treatment may complete at the end or as part of the assessment itself.
  • Relatively, Sport persons have longer duration treatment sessions. A lot of emphasis is placed upon to make the player available for selection and reduce loss of play time, safely.
  • Being a TEAM SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST since 2002 and having been working at highest level of competition and high performance teams BADRINATH PRATHI  understands the demands of the players,coaches,situation and environment very well.


Patient or Athlete  Education:

  • The active participation of patient in their Physiotherapy treatment / rehabilitation dictates the rate of recovery and success of the treatment.
  • Firstly, the patient is educated about their clinical condition for which they have consulted the Physiotherapist.
  • Secondly,Therapeutic exercises are taught as part of Home Program.
  • Your Physiotherapist teaches you few Do s & Don’t s or Strategies to maintain the improvement achieved at Clinic, to prevent aggravation of injury/symptoms / pain and therefore helping to heal the injured structure and restore correct movement patterns . It helps to treat the source of symptoms permanently.