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Neuro-Musculoskeletal Assessment Screening for Sports/ Athletes

The success of treatment depends on the scientific Assessment. The Assessment is based upon Clinical Reasoning process. It includes seeking details  about your Chief Complaint, Functional limitation etc trying to understand the Source of the symptoms / dysfunction , its Contributing Factors , recognizing Precautions and Contraindications to Physical Assessment & treatment like Severity, Irritability, Yellow Flags, Red Flags etc.


Observation &  Palpation (by Touch) of involved structures and Examination of Posture, Movements, Structures for their functions and properties like Range, Strength, Specific Length are included.

The Screening may lay different levels of empahsis on different aspects of Assessment depending upon the type of Sport or Work of the patient.

It is a detailed interactive session where the Physiotherapist tries to understand the patient /person in terms of Movements,Positions , Work , Workloads etc

Subsequently, it helps us to frame a scheduled treatment plan for Injury Prevention / Prehab , Rehab or Conditioning.