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Laser Dental Filling Treatment

Laser procedures in Dentistry have gained significant popularity due to painless techniques involved with it. Lasers perform best with soft-tissue dental surgeries, namely, frenectomy, depigmentation, tissue recontouring, implant exposure, biopsy, gingivectomy, cavity preparation and bone surgery. Most of them require filling treatment of the gums affected badly by the attacks of bacteria or a disease.

In Delhi, Aum Badrinath clinic is well equipped to perform dental filling treatment with the help of the laser technology. From diagnosing tooth cavities, we offer complete range of treatment for all forms of Pyorrhea. Apart from that, we offer painless yet fast root canal treatment as well as teeth whitening or bleaching.

Dental filling treatment through lasers helps strengthen bond and fix the filling to the tooth. This ensures normal chewing process and helps in restoring originality of the tooth. At our clinic in Delhi, we have successfully treated plenty of dental health conditions, from complex to simple. New technologies in lasers are also introduced to facilitate painless dental therapies and reduce trauma of the patients.

It is one of the modern dental treatments for small to medium sized cavities. They are also known as Cavilase Procedure as they are much better than standard amalgam or composite fillings. Lasers have been introduced in dentistry since 1994 to treat number of dental problems.