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Dr. Badrinath Prathi

B.P.T. (Manipal), C.M.T.
(Fellowship in Spine Injury Rehabilitation)

Clinical Specialization :

  • Sports Physiotherapy.
  • Neuro-Musculoskeletal Manipulative Physiotherapy


Current Positions :

  1. Team Sports Physiotherapist,Delhi Ranji Cricket Team, 2005- Present.
  2. Consultant Physiotherapist Aum Badrinath Dental and Physiotherapy Clinic, Delhi.


Badrinath Prathi is a highly experienced and qualified Physiotherapist with over 10 years of focused and dedicated clinical experience of working with scores of Professional Sportspersons, many of whom have earned name and fame for India and themselves at the highest level. He also treats general public, Artists (Dance), Women… for Musculoskeletal conditions. BADRINATH, who has been making it a point to run the Delhi half-marathon for the last 4 years (even while traveling with his Delhi First Class Cricket Team), understands the demands of playing a sport and that is the key to his success.


One who completed his Bachelor’s Degree, in its First Academic Year with Distinction, from Manipal University (Manipal campus) in 2002, Dr.Prathi  clinically specializes in Sports & Neuro-Musculoskeletal  Manipulative Physiotherapy. This School of Thought educates to treat the source of symptoms for permanent cure and not just symptoms.


BADRINATH PRATHI, has spent initial years of his career inPhysiotherapy Teaching (Class room, bed side, On-field) and Curriculum designing for Musculoskeletal & Sports Interns from approximately 10 colleges.


He enjoys anything related to sport – PREVENTION of injuries & its challenges, the high octane environment, the HIGH PERFORMANCE and the high demands of Early Recovery from injuries associated with it keeping the loss of play time to its minimum.


PRATHI has shown special interest in treating sports injuries related to Shoulder Girdle (Rotator Cuff injuries – degeneration, tears; Glenoid Labrum tear (SLAP, Bankart Lesion), Long Head Biceps injuries, Stiff Shoulder, Impingement ) and their Post Surgical Rehabilitation), Spine (Cervical Pain & Headaches , Disc prolapse, Stress Fractures & Spondylolisthesis, Lateral Shift, Scoliosis), Lumbo Pelvic Hip complex (Groin Injuries, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation , Post Arthroplasty), knee (Post Arthroscopic  ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation, PCL, Meniscal tears Rehabilitation, Post Arthroplasty), Ankle & Foot(Impingements, Leg tendons degeneration, Achilles Tendon rupture, Plantar Fascitis).


He had the privilege of treating  Ballerinas, Policemen, Woman Commandos & Elite sportspersons from a wide range of disciplines like Cricket, Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Sprint, Golf, Beach Rugby, Basketball,Volleyball, Handball, Runners, Martial arts (WUSHU), Body-building, Kabaddi, Hockey, Swimming, Squash, Rowing etc.


As Team Sports Physiotherapist, more specifically his practical interest lies in early detection of injury pattern, hence Prevention ; making  a player available for Selection  and is responsible for Fitness Testing  of Match Fitness, hence in End Stage Sports Injury Rehabilitation at Return to Sport level.


Cherished Moments :

  1. Honored by Outstanding Alumnus Award ,2007 from Padma Bhushan Dr.Ramdas M.Pai, Chancellor, Manipal University.
  2. His tenure has coincided with minimal loss of play time for players, Peak Performance and winning Championships at Indian Senior National Football Team (Nehru Cup, 2007), Sania Mirza ( Hyderabad Open,2005 , WTA Title), Hyderabad Cricket Association, Delhi First Class Cricket Team ( Ranji Trophy Championship 2007 after 16 years,Vijay Hazare Trophy,2013) , North Zone Cricket Team ( Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy), Women’s Sprint team’s podium finish at Melbourne Common Wealth Games. Dr. Prathi has also helped tennis star Sania Mirza recover from a foot injury in 7 available days in 2005, the year in which the Indian ace won her first individual WTA title Hyderabad Open.
  3. Treatment of players as Assistant Physiotherapist with Indian Premier League (IPL) side Delhi Daredevils for till 2011.
  4. Dr.Prathi, as Medical Coordinator for Delhi venue during the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, was responsible for Medical services of Spectators and  for Players from different National Teams availing  quality Sports Medicine services.
  5. He was instrumental in setting up the first Sports Injury Rehab Centre at the Ferozeshah Kotla Cricket Stadium in Delhi. Since 2006, the centre is the primary source providing all kinds of Sports injury management support to Delhi State Team Cricketers.


In 2007, Dr. Prathi as Team Physiotherapist, Indian Senior Football Team, been to Benfica Club and Lisbon in Portugal  as part of the exposure tour under chief coach Bob Houghton.


Philanthropy :

  • Participated inCharity run ( Half Marathon)
  • Rendered free services to professional sportsmen and increased awareness about sports injury rehabilitation.
  • Worked with physically challenged children from a spastic society. His role was to select the children who can play sports.
  • Blood donation.


Conferences :

  • He is the only Physiotherapist invited as a Faculty member in ISKSAA, 2012  (International Symposium on Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty),  an annual Current Concepts International Symposium conducted in New Delhi.


Interests :

  • Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Running, Sports Writing and Paragliding too.
  • He has celebrated his 20month old son's first birthday; Indian Senior National Cricket Team's ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 victory  and India's performance in London Olympics by completing Delhi Half Marathon 2012.
  • He wishes to participate either as a Medical Team member helping the competitors all through the race course and / or complete a sub event  in High Altitude Ultra Marathon in near future.