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Dr. Keerthi Prathi

BDS (Tirupathi)
Dental Surgeon


Clinical Specialization : Endodontics

  • Dr. Keerthi Prathi comes from  family of businessmen, farmers & lawyer.
  • Dr.Keerthi  has always enjoyed good guidance and  mentorship within family and in her Clinical  Practice of Dentistry in the form of  cousins and uncle being established Dental Surgeons in Southern India as practitioners, academicians and serving in Indian Dental  Association,  Hyderabad chapter. 
  • The cornerstone of Dr.Keerthi Prathi's  clinical practice in Dentistry has been executing safe,durable and Scientific Dental treatments for relevant INDICATIONS of Dental Diseases or  Illnesses.  
  • Within her domain, Dr.Keerthi Prathi's great emphasis has been on Dental Patient Education underlining the proper maintainence of Oral Health or Oral Hygeine and  for long lasting Clinical results.
  • Dr.Keerthi Prathi during Dental Consultation spends enough time explaining about
  • Various Dental  treatment options available for a DENTAL Patient.
  • Dr.Keerthi Prathi has graduated Bachelors of Dental Surgery in 2006 from N.T.R.
  • University of Health Sciences , Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr.Keerthi Prathi has started her Clincal Practice  working  at a busy Dental Hospital with heavy patient workloads in  Southern India  gaining rich & diversified experience in treating variety  of clinical  conditions and Dental Specialities. During the same period.
  • Dr.Keerthi has honed and refined her skills under  supervision of his peers in Dentistry especially in Endodontics.
  • Dr.Keerthi has left positive  impressions in the form of  treating  patients  clinically well to their satisfaction and  communication skills.
  • After marriage Dr.Keerthi Prathi has moved to New Delhi in 2009.  After working with other Dental Surgeons in Delhi, Dr.Keerthi has embarked upon her  own private clinical practice in Dentistry serving the society at Aum Badrinath Dental & Physiotherapy Clinic in May, 2010. 
  • She treats patients with confidence, empathy and care. She carries a positive, cordial and very sensitive personality. Her SMILE reflects her attitude. 
  • Apart from Dental Clinical practice Dr.Keerthi loves sports, creative work, traveling,
  • Watching  fun filled movies and most importantly taking care of her son, Nidheesh.