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Neurological Rehabilitation ( Adult & Paediatric)

Neurological rehabilitation provides specialised care to people with impairments as a result of spinal or brain cord injury, stroke or other neurological condition. It is a vital part of medical management and continues as acute care, post-acute care till recovery.

Neurological Physiotherapy aims to provide an improved understanding of problems commonly encountered by the therapist working with people with neurological disability. It describes aspects of posture and movement difficulties which may occur as a result of neurological damage and gives guidance to help the therapist to plan the appropriate treatment program for each patient. Using a problem-solving approach the emphasis is on the identification of symptoms in relation to impairment and disability rather than on a detailed description of neurological conditions.

Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who have a neurological disorder. Neurological disorders are those affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves; such as Stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

Neurological conditions treated by The Neuro Physio Service. 

The Physiotherapists from The Neuro Physio Service specialise in the physical treatment and management of individuals with neurological conditions. It is the aim of the Neuro Physio Service to provide you with a Physiotherapist who specialises in the stated condition.


We offer the treatment and management of:

  1. Acquired Brain Injury
  2. Strokes
  3. Cerebral Palsy
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Parkinsons Disease


Treatments offered by The Neuro Physio Service:

Each neurological Physiotherapist will offer a mix of some, or all of the treatment modalities listed below. It is the skill of the Physiotherapist to be able to utilise an array of treatments to offer a tailored and appropriate treatment approach.

  1. Postural Management principles and recommendation of equipment
  2. Specialist wheelchair or armchair advice
  3. Facilitation of normal movement
  4. Balance and Gait re-education
  5. Splinting/Casting
  6. ES


Treatment Techniques include:-

  1. Developmental Assesment
  2. Bobath / Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  3. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  4. Neurodynamics / Neural Mobilization
  5. Motor Relearning Treatment
  6. Thera bands Strengthening
  7. Biofeedback Training
  8. Treadmill Supported Gait Training
  9. Electrotherapy based rehabilitation
  10. Constraint induced therapy
  11. Bilateral arm training method
  12. Cueing /energy preservation strategies
  13. Functional training


Consultant Neuro Physiotherapist:-

  • Our Honorary Consultant Neurology Physiotherapist offers services.
  • He has completed Specialist training in PNF after completing Post Graduation in Neurology Physiotherapy in Distinction.
  • Presently he is working as Assistant Professor  .