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For Your First Appointment

For your Appointment :

We request you to kindly follow the following factors for your maximum benefit and convenience.

  • Please reach 10 - 15 minutes before your Appointment.
  • Medical Information :- Please bring along any scans, X-rays or doctor’s reports etc that are relevant to your present injury or previous injury / medical complaints.
  • If possible kindly bring soft copies also of the reports and scan films. These reports or scans can be mailed to once your appointment is confirmed. For your Physiotherapy consultation
  • Loose convenient Clothing – It enables your Physiotherapist to conduct professionally, OBSERVE the target tissues or structures, for easy & complete ‘Hands – on” Manual or equipment based Examination, Assessment and Treatment. It helps to demonstrate therapeutic exercises too. Duration of appointment: The first appointment may vary from 30min to 45min. It may vary accordingly depending upon the clinical condition. Further appointments vary from 10 min to 45 min. Sport Equipment: Please bring your playing equipment eg. Cricket Bat, Sport Shoes (training, running, batting, bowling etc… presently using and old which are not being used), tennis racquet, golf items, dance shoes etc or any other prosthetic or orthotic support you use. Parent/Guardian/Friend – For patients below 16 years or minor and for female patients, a family member is recommended to be present at the time of consultation and / or treatment