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Dental Caps Introduction
Are you troubled with teeth that is structurally unsound. Some of the problems related to teeth are lost fillings,decay, rooth canal, filing, chipping and cracking of enamel which might lead to large scale defects on the surface of your teeth. All these are contributing factors whch leads to cracking, breakage and wearing down of your teeth. A cap is suitable for you when the entire surface  of the tooth is problem and the root system remains intact.

What is Dental Caps?
A dental cap is a toothed shaped crown and sometimes they are also referred as 'porcelain jackets'. It is placed over a tooth which helps to restore its strength, size and improve its appearance. When crown is cemented into one place they cover the visible portion of the affected tooth that lies above the gum line in return of which it gives durability, stability ad strength.

How Are the Problems Identified?

These problems are generally identified by a cosmetic dentist who can identify the problems related to the areas of your mouth. Infact this might lead to tooth damage and the need for caps. Even chewing pattern plays a major role. You can reduce the stress on your at-risk teeth by selectively grinding the tips of your middle and back teeth.

What is the Procedure?
Usually a cosmetic dentist will make an impression of your tooth and the custom-made cap is created in a dental laboratory. Most probably you will leave your home wearing a temporary cap because the permanent ones takes around fourteen days.