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Mr Srinivas Kumar

I ( Mr Srinivas Kumar .P,Australia) introduce myself as Physiotherapist writing to you , it gives me an immense pleasure to pen a few words about Mr Badrinath Prathi ( Musculoskeletal & Sports and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy ) an excellent physiotherapist to work with and to be treated under .

It was his comprehensive and cooordinated goal oriented approach treating the “source of the symptoms” and not limiting the Musculoskeletal assessment to signs and symptoms like pain, spasm, hypermobility etc . His Manipulatuve Therapy treatment has relieved me of my excruciating pain and other symptoms . I used to suffer from severe neck pain - a mechanical strain , muscle tightness, spasm and movement restriction . It was so severe that I could not do any combination neck movements due to pain .

Being fed up with symptoms turning unbearable, I visited a physiotherapist here in Australia , he examined me thoroughly and instructed me on specific neck exercises which is help full but as I became busy with work here I couldn’t follow up the visit , I missed the treatment sessions , beginning to think whom should I approach and more over my trip to India was nearing by,I happened to meet Mr Badrinath . Its not an exaggeration but I was completely bowled over by the methodology , technique and approach used by him as it completely matched the approach used by my physio here in Aus , It was moment of joy for me as being a patient it was immense pleasure to find an exact match of ideology in India as well . He has treated me comprehensively, advised a home programme, ergonomic exercise, relieved me all of my symptoms . I am so very grateful to his treatment that I consulted him for my other minor complaints about my left knee, ankle as well .

I can definitely say his “ Therapeutic Approach” is far different from what I have seen in India , I think he is far superior than them. It matches the therapeutic approach here a 100 % believing the use of “Hands On Treatment” to relieve symptoms rather than Electrical Modalities ensuring the effective and instant relief by using the Manipulative Techniques .

He is untiring , dedicated, honest and hardworking , simply to say the best of a kind .He uses a tailor based treatment approach in a cost effective manner, use the resources available to the best of his ability to produce outstanding results Should u require any further information do not hesitate to contact me on my email : or via my mobile : 00 61 401 470 319 .