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Ritika Chandra Professional Ballet Dancer

Ms. Ritika Chandra.

Professional Ballet Dancer or Artist

I first went to Dr. Badrinath Prathi in 2011 with a chronic back injury with which I had been suffering with for almost a year, without being able to dance at all. After visiting several doctors and trying various treatment procedures including months of rest, my condition only marginally improved. Once Dr. Prathi started his treatment, I saw a drastic change in just 5-6 months. The exercise regime given to me in the course of his treatment not only helped heal the injury but also made my muscles stronger. I was able to get back into training sooner than expected.

I'm currently visiting Dr. Prathi for a hamstring injury. I have seen remarkable results in just 2 weeks of treatment. My personal recommendation would be for all dancers and athletes to consult Dr. Prathi not only for treatment but to enhance their training and prevent injuries.

Ms.Ritika Chandra,
Professional Ballet Dancer or Artist